Saturday, August 2, 2014

Micahel Wolff.

has inspired me to change the way I do things.
question what I am doing
re invent myself.
be careful and mindful with every sentence i utter, every line i make, every word i write.

Don't just sit there, and complain, get creative and change things.

I have deleted my entire portfolio and decided to start all over again.

And only put in work there that will make him proud.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Roshnee in London ~ House hunting

I have looked at many. many. many. flats/houses/warehouses/ student accommodations.
to find a place to live.

Here is the list. From my perspective

1) Bermondsey - Lynton road
55 year old woman with her 21 year old son
The entire building was under construction, why? Coz the roof had fallen in on Christmas eve. Guess santa had too much channa before he arrived.
So, not happening. For obvious reasons.

2) Bernard Myers - Student accomodation
Just went to check out if it was even worth it.

Verdict: It wasn't. for the price, size and location.

3) Archway house - Couple living there. GORGEEOUSSS flat and even more gorgeous room. Huge and lovely. I was in love. It was way over my budget, but still. And they were soooo nice to me. They even wrote me a list of all the places I need to look into.. awwww..
"We love your energy. There are so many people who are interested. We'll let you know soon"

Verdict: Um, I didn't get it. I guess students lose when it comes to couple accomodation.

4) Wandsworth - A group of UAL students living there, very sweet bunch of girls, I absolutely loved them. But I couldn't move there before February and I needed something urgent. They really wanted me and that felt nice. But I felt I could do better.

Verdict: Maybe I was wrong. I should have picked that. But the agency was Ludlow and Thompson which Premvir and Shraddha had had a bad experience with. ( they had tried to con them) which was the primary reason why I decided to avoid that.

5) Streatham Hill ( I think)  I forgot the area, but my phone switched off and I reached the place which was so hard to find coz it was raining and stuff and finally when I reached there and an american guy opens the door, I ask for 33B and he said there is no such thing, there is just 33 A and C, B was destroyed, Im like, wow, a ghost woman just set all this up. ( since she wash answering her phone, I assumed she didn't exist) Finally, the entrance was in the back side and it was two girls who were really cold and unwelcoming, so even though the room was fabulous and big, I was like no!

6) Islington ( Caledonian road) Nice location and people (2 girls - one graphic designer) but room was a single room which I didn't want, but the house was great.

7) Herne Hill - Shomil's place - lovely people and very unconventional place. But really small room.. And it was really cold inside. 

8) Warehouse in Tottenham Hale - So I had this big dream of living in a warehouse conversion. So i went trotting along to the most dangerous neighborhood in London, and realized when they said warehouse conversion, it was ACTUALLY in an industrial compound with leather workers and VW workshop next to it.  And there was dirt inside the warehouse 'living room' and drills lying around. But the rooms were gigantic with a mesonine. But err, no thanks!

9) Elephant and Castle - A girl named Ballu who had cancelled on me once, finally meets me at the station and takes me to her place where there are 3 other guys mysteriously waiting on the road for her, finally she takes us 2 at a time to show us this really nice flat but a single room ( which appeared double in the pictures, of course) Plus the 'Spaces' agency had increased the rent for that minuscule place ( no living room!) So, I guess not value for money.

***10) Kennington - So the news of my orphan-ed homeless status spread far and wide and one of the tutors on my course, who was a student from last year, asked us if anyone was still looking for accomodation and I jumped at the opportunity obviously. The flat was in Kennington -15 min walk from college so Id save on transport, and the room looked fab, it had a walk in closet and totally in my budget! So I go there all happy and the girl who is my tutors friend is moving out and there are 2 rooms in the building, so Iwas dead sure, I was gonna get it. When she showed me the room, I said yes! even before seeing the loo! The girl said it was unto her roommate to decide since she was going to stay with this person and that this girl would convince her for sure, to go with me!I was so happy, I even told my parents!
suddenly next day I get a message saying - sorry, her british room mate wants only 2 boys to 'balance things out' So i said, please can I talk to her, and no response, then the girl started telling me that its better this way, her room mate was 'weird' and that I could do better and justifying things... thats when I thought, there has to be some other reason, finally yesterday, i chatted with her again, trying to negotiate, btu she said' its not unto you or me, we could have done nothing to change it. She's just a close minded British b***h. Wants only British people in her flat."
And bam,
suddenly, racism had struck upon me.
I was officailly a foreigner in this country. And i was being judged not by my personality but something else. Felt so weird. I had never lived in another country long enough to get this undercurrent.

11) Bermondsey - Church Conversion!
This place was in the building I will never forget. In this boring yawn worthy neighborhood of Lynton Rpad in Bermondsey  rose a gorgeous gothic structure which had caught my attention and fancy when I had gone for my first viewing. And Gaurav had come with me, he was startled when I jumped for joy when St. Augustine's court was that very building. Again, I was excited and sure that this would be it.
hwoever , when we entered the agent said, there is one good news and one bad news. Good news is that the flat is fabulous, bad news is that the double room has been taken. There is single room we have though for 640. And there it was a narrow jail cellar in this gorge Church conversion building. With no living room ,s o you are basically confined to it. gaurav told me, that if it was the big room i could have totally gone for it, but this was like a psychiatric ward. So. sadly I had to give it up.

***12) Elephant and Castle - Pub conversion
And thisss was a place I almost gottt....An american girl who was living there was looking for someone who would treat the room perfectly. And I convinced her that I would. She told me she would get back the next day, and she did, saying she gave it to the first person who had seen the flat because they were the first. Seems like an odd reason, if that was true, why did she show it to so many people. Racism again? I don't know. but there went the most gorge triple ceiling conversion again just walking distance from my college. Of course they ahd  this system where we had to insert coins every time we needed to switch on the heating or the electricity! old old school!

***13) Bethenal Green -
Tired and exhausted, I had cancel the two appointments for that day and finally decided to go the last one who's picture I had not seen but since it was posted by UAL LCC students on the Commonplace Swapshop I decided to give it a shot.
The people - nice
The location is superb with all the shops, and markets right under the place
Nice house with terrace and proper fittings and things
Near SHoreditch and brick lane, if I were to get a job there

but can be VERY noisy
has a garbage binS in front of the entrance.
not very big double room

But Im willing to compromise. They are going to tell me an answer tomorrow. Fingers crossed, less see what happens.

And the saga continues.....

Roshnee in London ~ Day 19

Hi guys,

Sorry I've been away for so long.

Im in London now, for my MA in Graphic moving Image. And Im loving it here! I don't think I've ever been this happy both professionally and personally. :)

For my course, in the first class, we had to introduce ourselves, so I made a little film - a one minute short - scripted, shot and edited in a day. Do let me know what you guys think.

I promise to be more regular at posting from now on! (I don't know how many of you will even read this now :-/ )


Meanwhile, I am looking for a flat. I have seen 13 houses till now. And got none. yet.
But Ill make another post for that soon!

It says day 19, coz that's when I have started blogging. Lets keep it honest, no?

Day 19
Places visited -

  1. Elephant and Castle - Corsica Studios
  2. Russel Square - Hare and Tortoise
  3. Old Street
  4. East Ham - Taste of India
  5. Southwark - The Table
  6. Tottenham Hale
  7. Streatham Hill
  8. Wandsworth Road
  9. London Bridge
  10. Bermondsey
  11. Herne Hill
  12. Archway
  13. Islington
  14. Highbury and Islington
  15. Angel - Chipotle

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fashion Look Book for Global Desi

Thanks to Landor Associates, I've had the great opportunity to work with one of the top fashion brands in the country - Anita Dongre and her entire line. 

This is a look book I had designed for her Global Desi Spring Summer 2013 Collection. The book has a debossed white on white title, a die cut camel inside and a camel patterned spine printed on fabric - all inspired by their Mynah Allarakha Collection! 

Photography: R. Burman 
Art Direction of shoot: Ektaa Aggarwal, Landor Associates

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The roses they melt away
as we rush to save them.
They disappear into a scent

You capture the scent in a bottle
but it evaporates through the glass.

And once again you are left.

Wept her eyes out.

Don't weep for me, he said.
Don't do this to yourself.

But you are doing this to me.
How can I not weep?
Just stop doing it and I will stop weeping.

I cannot stop.
I must. The time has come.

And she wept her eyes out.

Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 in pictures.

2012 is the year I discovered my iPhone and instagram. I also discovered how much I loved this quick medium and was surprised with some fabulous results I got :)

Here is snippet of the year that was. In no particular order. Some good memories, some good pictures.

Hong Kong - Delhi - Dehradun - Raipur - Goa - Bangalore - Kashmir - NH7 Pune - Hyderabad - Udaipur

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New year. New resolution,

It's a new year yet again. And new things to be said and done.

As I grow older, the past year, somehow I have become more careful, more reserved about my opinions, scared of being judged.

This never happened to me before, I have always been fearless and free.

And yet this sudden fear of society creeps in.

Is this what being a grown up is all about?

This year I will spend in unlearning this horrible trait.

Welcome back to the bhelpuribheja :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

“The secret self knows the anguish of our attachments and assures us that letting go of what we think we must have to be happy is the same as letting go of our unhappiness.”
― Guy Finley